What You Are Eating…

Know what you are eating!  Learn The good, the bad and the ugly…

nutrition factsThis highly popular televised product is advertised as being good for you when in fact the ingredients are killing us.

There is no nourishment in this product.

This Kellogs Nourish bar states cashews, dark chocolate, coconut and quinoa… as a misdirection to get you into thinking it is healthy.

In fact this type of product can kill you and will make you fat. It has so much sugar in it should be banned from grocery shelves.

Calories don’t count. It’s the type of calories and fat that do count.  Podz coaches you how to develop smarter eating habits and empowers you with valuable knowledge to sustain long term results.

North American food guides are complete nonsense and lead you in an unhealthy direction.

North Americans are plagued with conditions connected to excessive weight. North American dated food guides still recommend juice… when we know that juice causes diabetes and weight gain.

Food guides are ineffective in providing nutritional and weight loss guidance. WANT TO BE FAT. FOLLOW THE NORTH AMERICAN DIET AND FOOD GUIDES.

Learn which top 10 foods optimize your weight loss and put you on the Longevity Highway… and which top 10 foods maximize weight gain and shorten your road.  Knowledge is power. Focus on the ingredients, not the nutrition facts.


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