Healthy recipes - for weight loss

Authentically Healthy Recipes You Will Love

Included are authentically healthy recipes to help you on your weight loss journey…

Eat your way to a healthy gut.

LOOK AND FEEL YOUNGER. Authentically healthy recipes that you will love.

Numerous recipes are included in your weight loss program… Enjoy delicious pasta dishes without flour, sugar salt or preservatives

Discover a spice that reduces gut inflammation and also acts as an antidepressant.

Podz will explain how you can enjoy an all you can eat lunch buffet and continue to lose weight.

Learn about a magic food that helps you to grow hair, is chock full of B vitamins and loaded with usable protein. This magic food is highly recommended by DOCTOR OZ.

Included are delicious and easy to prepare recipes which are chock full of weight loss benefits.

Podz recipes are designed for weight loss and provide a Healthy Hit for your body and mind.

Here are examples of some of the dense nutrition recipes: power protein smoothie bowls,  pasta chicken veggie stir fry, no bake  quinoa chocolate coconut clusters…

Podz provides the ingredients to prepare your own Meal Kits at home. These are easy to make and ensures your weight loss and nutritional values.  A minor shift of what you put in your mouth creates a major change in your weight loss and longevity.

With power foods on your plate you can eat your way to a smaller size.


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