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Here is what you get with the Podz System and how to order the Podz System.

PODZ says:  “I will be your weight loss coach. You can contact me at info@podzweightloss.com to answer any questions about the program you have ordered.”

Podz wants results for you.

Huge Benefits

You have nothing to gain and everything to lose..

  • Look and feel 5 to 10 years younger
  • Increase energy and strength
  • Enhance your mood daily
  • Cure constipation for life
  • Target gut inflammation
  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Improve sleep and sex drive
  • Lose all the weight you desire

Podz program includes a free membership and information’s on Podz personal coaching. Podz personal coach info is included in your program.

What You Get:

  • Ten secrets to weight loss
  • Daily progress charts
  • Authentically healthy recipes
  • Free membership
  • Money back guarantee
  • Performance diet

Most importantly you get results!!   START CHANGING YOUR LIFE NOW!

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About Ray Gauthier – Creator of the Podz System

Among numerous endeavors Ray has coached baseball players, bodybuilders, jockeys, boxers and numerous other athletes in performance improvement through diet and nutrition. Ray specializes in diet nutrition and performance foods and has successfully been using the Podz program for over 40 years.  Ray has owned a fitness club, won sports trophies, and been a successful entrepreneur. Ray is currently writing a book for children based on movement and nutrition.