Podz weight loss programYou can hire Podz to be your very own personal and private weight loss coach.

By using the Podz 10 secrets to weight loss and Podz personal coaching Claudette Jacques, from Ontario, has lost close to 100 pounds and is excited to continue losing more to achieve her goals.

With Podz personal coaching you will get weekly monitoring and discussions regarding your progress. Podz will look into your food choices and reveal what increases your energy, what you should be eating or not eating for best and fastest weight loss results.

Podz personal coaching is for 6 months minimum…and your choice to renew thereafter. We all need a coach in life for numerous reasons and to get the best result possible.

Podz wants to be your weight loss and longevity coach to provide you with a support system to assist you in feeling great and reaching your goals.

To sign up for Podz personal coaching you must first be using the Podz weight loss program.

You may not need personal coaching as the Podz Program is highly effective on its own.

This coaching is automatically available to you as a Podz Member.

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